Aug 31, 2017 Barry
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Fire Protection: Why Are Fires Common in Commercial Buildings?

The unfortunate truth is that many fires occur in commercial buildings every year. What is even more unfortunate is that they are commonly caused by human error and are, in many cases, actually preventable when the right fire protection systems are in place. Here...

Aug 29, 2017 Barry
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The Hidden ROI of Business Surveillance and...

There are many obvious benefits of having a professional security and surveillance system installed in your building or...

Aug 22, 2017 Barry
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Fire Prevention and Planning for Business Owners

Being a business owner means that you are responsible for quite a number of things. From utility bills...

Aug 9, 2017 Barry
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Creating a Business Security Plan

The success of your business and safety of your employees are dependent upon a coordinated and well-organized business...

Jul 28, 2017 Barry
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Life-Saving Fire Extinguisher Facts

Fire extinguishers sound like a simple tool for putting out a small fire in theory. Pull the trigger,...

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