Nov 15, 2017 Barry
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Types of Fire Extinguishers for Commercial Buildings

Although most people are aware that commercial buildings are required by law to have fire extinguishers, they do not know that there are actually many different types of extinguishers to choose from. Each specific type of fire extinguisher is developed for a certain type...

Nov 10, 2017 Barry
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Types of Commercial Fire Detection Systems

Do you know if your commercial building or facility will be protected in the event of a fire?...

Oct 31, 2017 Barry
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Fire Alarm Systems: Understanding Panel Signals

Does seeing a light lit on your fire alarm panel fill you with a feeling of dread? It...

Oct 24, 2017 Barry
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Security Systems: Elements of Effective Video Surveillance

An advanced security system can consist of many different integrated devices including alarms, smoke detectors, motion sensors, and...

Oct 20, 2017 Barry
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Fire Prevention Month

Did you know that October is actually Fire Prevention Month? During this time, public service departments from across...

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